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Sunday, November 13, 2016


   This movie "In this Corner of the World " that was supported by crowd funding of this cartoon fan including me, has been just released on Nov. 12, 2016.   Most of movie theater seemed to be full yesterday.  As one of supporting fan, my name is listed at the end credit of this movie. This anime depicts ordinary people's life in Hiroshima during the Second World War through the life of heroine "Suzu".  This movie was made with accurate historical investigation by the movie staffs including the director Sunao Katabuchi. This investigation gives the anime strong powers of persuasion. 
   This movie doesn't insist on vigorous opposition to the war in us directly and dramatically. This movie just shows us the life of people in laughs, sadness and loves simply with good tempo in about 120 minutes. I was never bored at all. The color of each scene and each expression of characters in this movie was so excellent and impressive. 
    During the movie, to be honest, I sobbed. I could mull the life of people during the war in the past comparing to my life over in my mind. It is difficult to explain my feelings with words, but I was watching this movie remembering  the spent days with my grand mother and grand father in the countryside.  Other audience were also sobbed too, but we felt hopes, happiness and warmness at the last scene of this movie.
    After the movie  I felt that I was standing in this "little" corner of the world that had been made by ordinary people who live in the past.
    I hope this movie will be introduced to all over the world in appropriate languages. I recommend all of my foreign friends to watch this movie to understand Japanese ordinary people's life in the past and Japanese heart that has been passed down calmly from our ancestors to us who are living in the present world.

A support member meeting in Tokyo with the production staff of this movie on Aug.4 in 2015
(The man at the center of front row is Director Sunao Katabuchi.) 

This movie is also introduced on NHK World's VOD .

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