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Monday, July 31, 2017

TDXC Journal "PROPAGATION" Vol.5 has been released!

    Unfortunately, I'm afraid to say the population of enthusiastic fans of SW DX and MW DX etc. has been shrinking here in Japan. However, some Japanese DXer groups are still conducting their activities enthusiastically with cutting edge DXing techniques for all bands.
    Let me introduce one of nice Japanese DXing groups to my foreign guests who visited to my blogs. The Totsuka DXers Circle (TDXC) has published its annual journal called "PROPAGATION" every August since 2013. Most of articles are written in Japanese but you can understand or imagine what is written about in each page if you are a DXer too. Many topics related to DXing are condensed in each article :) You can download them "free" from the TDXC representative Hiroo Nakagawa's HP( I have joined this group since 2016 and I could contribute articles for the journal of Edition 4 and 5.
    At the first glance, you eyes would be grabbed by a beautiful Ukiyoe-like illustration in the front page of the journal. These fabulous pictures can depicts that these magazine are published from Japanese DXers.  One of TDXC members, Shinya Hasegawa who is a professional animator draws these wonderful pictures.
   To dear foreign DXers,  any comments regarding to these journals are welcome.  We have enjoyed broadcasting DXing each other even though we live in different countries.  We have experienced trans-national understanding through listening SW, MW-DX stations.  We can easily communicate each other with Internet in this wonderful era.  Why don't we exchange our wonderful DXing experiences ?

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