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Sunday, October 9, 2016


    My name is Fumiaki MINEMATSU. I'm Japanese, 51 years old.
I decided to write about my hobbies and studies on this blog.
My hobbies are MW DXing and singing songs with electric piano etc. 
First of all, I'm going to write mainly about technical articles regarding to MW DXing for a while.
    I have been studying RF technical problems and learning English conversation as an international communication skill too. I will write about the study when I find new things to me.
My RX (Perseus SDR,AR7030Plus and CRF-1)


Hiroo Nakagawa said...

Hi Fumiaki,

Congratulation on opening your cool site!
You mentioned you wanted to issue your outcome of DXing to the world.
And you immediately put your thought into action.
I am very much impressed by your acting power!

I hope you'll transmit informations as a representative of Japanese DXers.


Fumiaki MINEMATSU said...

Dear Nakagawa san,
Thank you for your kind words! I think activities of MW&SW DXing in Japan has been stagnant for long time and I feel the activities tends to be closed. I think this style doesn't suite current world-wide DX activities that we can see on the Internet.
Describing DXing in Japan in English would be my tough challenge but I would like to expand our unfailing interests of radio wave and share with our friends who have same interests all over the world. I would appreciate if you could give me your suggestion.
I'm going to introduce Totsuka DXer's circle (TDXC) in my blog too.